How To Choose Your First Guitar


Hey everybody.  Well, the last 4 weeks have been amazing here at Bath Place Music!  Since we opened in June, we’ve made lots of new friends along the way and are fast becoming the number one destination in Taunton to buy a new musical instrument

Here is our first blog!  Hopefully explaining the best way to get started on the guitar!

Electric Guitars

Choose the right guitar for YOU!

When someone comes into the shop looking for their first guitar, it would seem very daunting with the vast array of guitars in stock! Our stock ranges right from beginner level to pro! But that is why you need to come and see us, because we will always help you choose the right instrument for you.  And to be honest, all our guitars are suitable for beginners, irrespective of price point.  Because when you pay a little extra, you do get a better sounding and easier playing instrument.  However, these days, even a sub £100 guitar plays really well, compared to say, 20 years ago. The store manager, Darcy Gerrard has some 20+ years experience selling musical instruments to the public, and totally understands the needs of individual beginners and experienced players alike.

Secondhand or New?

Row of Guitars

Now, you may also be thinking that you would be better buying a secondhand guitar? You know, just to see if you are good enough, before you take the plunge on buying a new one?  Well this is generally fine, especially if you buy from a reputable music store.  However, it can also be the way to put you off learning.  Why? Well guitars are made of wood, and wood expands and contracts and in some cases can potentially make the guitar unplayable, or very difficult to play.  If you are not aware of how easy a guitar can be to learn on, then picking up a used gem can often put you off!  Issues can include, really hard to press down on the strings, or you have used a tuner, or tuner app to tune the guitar, but when you go to play a chord, the guitars sounds out of tune.  These are just some of the issues.  So that’s why it is better to pay a little more, from your local guitar shop.  And of course, you can always take it back, if there is something wrong with it.

Service, Parts & Maintenance

And of course, you may feel that its something that your not sure that you could get to grips with?  Well no need to worry about that. Let us help you with not only your choice of guitar, but any issues on restringing, tuning, service and maintenance, our in house workshop and vast range of strings, spares and parts, means we’ve got this covered!

Close up of Guitar


Essentially all that is needed is a love of music, lots of practice and perseverance.  There are many learning systems available now.  From good old one to one tuition, or from a book, and even on the internet.   The most important thing is to enjoy learning!




Guitar acccessories

You can contact us at:

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